Family Stories

No posing, no cheesy smiles, no perfectly-manicured backgrounds.
 Just real life at home and pure adventure outdoors.

My family photography sessions aren’t a photoshoot. They’re not stuffy-looking images that merely capture a few faces, frozen in time, set against a beach backdrop. Oh, and they’re definitely not the kind that you’re dragging your sister along to, trying to convince her the whole time that it’ll only take 30 minutes and that her lipstick looks perfect. My family sessions are natural, shared experiences. They’re little stories, usually photographed over the course of a morning, afternoon, or full day to capture a glimpse of your family’s life. It’s called Documentary Family Photography and it’s the best way (in my opinion, the only way) to truly capture the unique story and background of your family. Please click here for pricing. 

What is a Documentary session?

Documentary sessions essentially aim to capture families going about their every-day routine, in order to capture the true dynamic and personality of the family. With these sessions, there are no matching sweaters, cheesy posing, or a random pretty park in the background of all of your photos (because let’s be honest, when do you actually go to park all dolled up with your family??).

I work my Documentary sessions in the same way that I would a wedding — with very little direction or posing and a lot of focus on interactions and story-telling. Documentary sessions almost always take place in your home, a space that’s very meaningful to you and your family. Whether your home is small and cluttered, or spacious and clean, I’m used to working in all sorts of environments and places. At the end of the day, I want to be able to capture you and your family being yourselves.

For the shorter Documentary activity sessions, here are some examples of things I’ve photographed families doing in the past: baking together, piano lessons at home, making breakfast together, bedtime storytime, a trip to the grocery store, a family dinner, a trip to the local coffee shop, bathtime, etc. Keep in mind that the whole goal is photograph your family doing the things you would typically do together — so don’t try too hard to think of activities or a schedule. This should be a very stress-free and enjoyable time for all.

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