Going Unplugged

Using a phone while two people are committing their lives to each other is not cool.

When written out, it sounds pretty obvious that you shouldn't be on your phone while your friend / loved one is getting married, right? I believe that as a society we've (myself included!) become completely obsessed with our phones and addicted to social media - we always want to be the FIRST one to share that photo we took. But if we can put our phones down for just 15-30 minutes to physically and mentally be present during one of the most important moments in our friends' lives, then we're taking a step in the right direction. Just to take that small, meaningful step of disconnecting from the virtual world in order to be present in the real.

Guests' phones and cameras can be a huge distraction to you as you walk down the aisle - some guests nearly elbow other guests (and the photographer!) out of their way, in their attempt to get 'that shot' of you walking down the aisle. Sure, that walk may only be 5-15 seconds - but those few seconds should be spent calm, happy, and focused on your partner, your parents, your siblings — and not having that distraction of a dozen phones and cameras in your face.

I offer $100 off your total wedding package amount for a Good Faith, Best Effort attempt at an Unplugged Ceremony. This discount is only available for wedding packages with 8+ hours of coverage.
See below for details…

Good Faith, Best Effort refers to your attempt to host an Unplugged Ceremony by attempting at least two out of the four recommended methods. Good Faith, Best Effort also means that you won't just take advantage of this discount — I put my trust in you to make your absolute best effort at this, and you put your trust in me to capture your ceremony wholly and perfectly. The four recommended methods are:

What is "Good Faith, Best Effort"?

1 Include a note on your "Details" card in your wedding invitation indicating that you've chosen to have an Unplugged Ceremony.

2 Have your Officiant/Celebrant make an announcement just before the ceremony begins. This is usually the #1 best method to ensure folks won't have their phones out. 

3 Include signage at the door or entrance to the ceremony site

4 Simply spread the word yourself in casual conversation to your friends and family about your choice.