Celebrating 57 Years of Marriage

57 years, yep that’s right. Eleanore and Leonard have been married for 57 years. I mean, why wait until 60 for a photo session to celebrate?

I met Eleanore through a local Spanish conversation club in Fort Lauderdale. She’s got a passion for learning Spanish and a deeply admirable zest for life. She often talks about her husband, Leonard, but I’d never met him.

When she mentioned that they were celebrating an anniversary, I knew I had to press her to see if she’d be interested in a session to celebrate. And she immediately leaped — the last time she’d had photos taken was about 8 years ago for extended family, in California, due to this she didn’t get any of just her and Leonard. So we headed to a local park near their home & the beach for a simple, nothing less than charming time together.

P.S. Leonard hearing aid emits a funny buzzing sound, so every time Eleanore would put her head near his, she would erupt in laughter. A little behind-the-scenes happiness & laughter.


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