South Florida Beach Engagement – Lana + Noah

Noah contacted me a few weeks before he was planning on proposing to his then-girlfriend, Lana. He was planning this to be extra special, not only was her family going to be there but his as well!

He arranged to have Lana’s sister fly down to Florida from New York to surprise her by “randomly” being at the beach and the pavilion where the proposal was to take place. When Lana realized the presence of her sister she turned into an array of emotions, ranging from confused to overjoyed; Noah was already well into his speech and the whole thing quickly turned into tears, laughs, and hugs.

Since the family was in town, I wasn’t sure if they would want many photos after the fact, but it worked out perfectly! As the family headed toward a restaurant, we headed to the beach for some fun congratulatory engagement pictures.

 Congrats to Lana and Noah!

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