Mornings in Miami with Remy


Bridget & Rick contacted me because their son, Remy, was going on 9 months and they hadn’t done any professional pictures of him yet. Which is pretty common and I’m always happy to be of service! But what really stood out to me was that Bridget knew she didn’t want any typical family photos…She let me know right off the bat that she wanted something more unique, pictures that really showed what their life was like…She expressed her┬áhatred for those posed, contrived images of newborns with their happy moms and dads and wanted something a little more…real! Which is perfect for me, because that’s right in line with my philosophy (see here for more info on that).

So it’s Wednesday, September 6th, just four days before Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Miami, but at this point, the majority of Floridians are only just starting to form their decisions about whether to stay or leave. Bridget and Rick were planning on evacuating the following day (Thursday) and my plans involved hopping on a flight to Chicago on Friday. It was a stressful, hectic week for many, but with such uncertainty still in the air as to how much damage or how bad Irma would truly be, Wednesday morning still seemed calm and much like any other day. It was only until the week after that I would learn that most of the park that we visited that morning (the same park they visit nearly every day for their morning walk) was almost entirely destroyed by Irma. September is now coming to a close, and while Florida continues its long journey of cleanup and rebuilding, all hearts are with Puerto Rico, as they have an even longer and much more arduous task ahead of them after Hurricane Maria.

But for now, let’s remember the calm the before the storm — here’s a glimpse into the morning routine of Bridget, Rick, and Remy — oh, and I can’t forget Pumpkin (their beautiful pup)!

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