The Maguires Adopt a Puppy


July has just made its 2017 debut, and I’m cleaning and packing up my gear to head over to Sam’s house to spend some time with her family: Her husband Danny and their daughter Brooklyn. I’d photographed Brooklyn back in 2015 when she was just 9 months old. And while she was so adorable and all smiles during that session, those images feel stale and posed when I look at them now — and not at all in line with my current philosophy regarding family photography. So after explaining to Sam my new style of family photography (natural documentary — see here for more info), and she hesitantly agreed to a session, we set up a date. So Saturday morning rolls around and as I was packing the last piece of gear away to head over to her house, I get a phone call:

— “Hey Lara, I hate to do this to you, but…we can’t do today….I totally forgot that we have an appointment today!”

— “Oh, bummer! Well, what’s the appointment and what time is for? Maybe we can still make something work?”

— “We’re supposed to be viewing some dogs at the shelter today at Noon. I’m so sorry, our photoshoot totally slipped my mind!”

— “Whoa, wait, what?! Dogs? At the shelter? You’re adopting a dog?!”

— “Yeah, well, we wanted to take Brooklyn around the dogs at the shelter to see how she does around them. We’ve had our eye on a puppy listed online and really, really think today might be the day we adopt.”

— “Wait, Sam, are you kidding me?? PLEASE let me come. Please, please, I’m begging you! This is the type of stuff that you’ll want captured! Please let me tag along today!

— “Ummm, surrre, I mean, I guess it would be kinda cool to have those photos if we do end up adopting one…”

— “What are you up to now?”

— “Just waking up and about to make some breakfast–“

— “OK just stay put, I’m coming over now. Let’s just see how this day unfolds.”

And so that’s how it all started! We began the day like any other day for Sam and Danny, with diaper changes, breakfast, and a little bit of playtime. After meeting a couple of pups, a guinea pig, and some kitties, we ended the day with the adoption of Abbie — a beautiful lab mix/mutt happily adopted from the Humane Society of Broward County.

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