Anniversary Session at Vizcaya

August 2018

Shoshana contacted me about a month ago because her and her hubby’s 18-year wedding anniversary was fast-approaching and she wanted to do something really special. In her own words: “When we got married, it was the best day ever. So much fun, so much chaos, so totally us.

“But through the chaos, we ended up having no time for our own pictures and it’s been one of my biggest regrets. I always had this dream of having my wedding at Vizcaya, but of course there’s no way we could’ve ever afforded that. So I really want to get some photos finally of just the two of us, no chaos, no kids, just us.”

Oh yeah, side-note: Shoshana and Ivan have FOUR kids together. Can you believe it? You could tell that they seemed just as much as in love with each other now as they must’ve felt 18 years ago. I’d never have known (without Shosh telling me) that they’ve been parents for 15 years! Scroll for some of the highlights from our August session.



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