Apple-Picking with The Sampsells

October 2018

I photographed Caitlin and Frank for the first time when they were pregnant with TQ, their eldest son. They were actually one of my very first sessions — maybe my third or fourth ever! Then again when their second son, Graham, was just a couple of weeks old. Now I’ve returned one year later as they celebrate his first year of life by going apple-picking, which has become a family tradition. We started off at home together where Caitlin’s parents came over to meet us. Then we all drove over together to the orchard, had some fun there, then grabbed a bite to eat, and finally came back home. I LOVE including grandparents in these sessions, if at all possible, so if your parents live nearby and you’d like them to be a part of your day-in-the-life, I’m all for inviting them 🙂


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