Michigan Fall Lake Engagement

I hate to say it but an adventurous client is the best kind of client.


 So many factors, I think, go into making a session truly memorable or fantastic. Things like the weather, their outfits, their mood, my mood as a photographer, and overall their general chemistry between each other. When all of these different elements come together, a single glorious 10/10 magic is made.

We did this session in a random field that I stumbled upon just days prior to the session. It was connected by trails to an old deserted boy scout campground and a really cool outdoors chapel space. We ended in a nearby lake that my friend has property on in Lake Orion, Michigan. Everything was walking-distance between each other and despite the cold and the wind, it was such a beautiful fall Michigan day.

Believe me when I tell you, the temperature that day was 42ºF with a strong wind chill. What better way to celebrate love, magic, and the cold than for all 3 of us to jump into the water. I wasn’t really planning on going too far in, but once I started wading out there with them, there was no turning back. I have to give major props to Paige, who in the end was really set on getting into the water, but whom I highly doubted would actually go through with it; especially when we’d already been outside in the cold air for an hour. But she was set on being adventurous and so was I (spoiler alert: I’ll do almost anything for an adventurous client)!

Anyway, enjoy some of my faves from our day below. Their wedding will be in September of 2019 and I can’t wait!

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  1. Rafe says:

    Love your work! Amazing photos.

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